Issues traversing views in Ionic and AngularJS

I’m having a hard time understanding how different views are handled in Ionic and Angular. I have the following code:

.config(function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {

    .state('index', {
      url: "/",
      templateURL: "templates/menu.html"


With my understanding this should inject the code from menu.html into the ion-nav-view tags in index.html at run-time. However, when the page is loaded, it simply displays index.html with no injected code.

I have been unable to find specific instructions on each property of state, making a possible error in my code hard to decipher. I also have found that state may be deprecated by the latest version of Angular, but Ionic docs explain to use state so that is what I have been trying to do. Any clarification or resources would be greatly appreciated.

Actually this “state” thing is not a part of AngularJS, it is a apart of Angular UI-Router, a framework that support AngularJS, check here.

No page compiled in the ion-nav-view tags may be caused by lots of reasons, you may check the console for errors. Mostly possibly problem may be solved adding following code.


Hope this helps.

It was that and my templateURL casing. It needs to be templateUrl. Thank you!