Lazy Loading in custom project

I’m trying to use Ionic as client in Meteor application.
Is there a way to make it work in projects not generated by Ionic CLI? What are the requirments?
Thank you in advance.

Sure. Just build the components by hand. Several advanced Ionic users have advocated not using the CLI generators. Also, there are a lot of blog posts etc about combining Ionic and Meteor if you search online.

Lazy loading is quite new feature, there is just quite a few information online.
I got an error “Error: Uncaught (in promise): invalid link: HomePage”.
I’ve checked step by step all possible reasons:

  • All modules are up-to-date (Angular >4, Ionic > 3);
  • All decorators are applied (I even took ‘pages’ from CLI-generated project and placed it next to ‘app’).
    I can’t say that that’s a surprise for me, because I can’t realize how Ionic should know where to search for pages. There is no instruction or configuration.

Just follow the examples of these folders.

What should I learn from that? It’s a standard Ionic project with regular architecture, which builds with Webpack in it’s standard way, I know it’s working. I guess the reason for my error is that Meteor builds different way, build folder looks absolutely different and as soon as there is no way to configure lazy loader (is it?) it searches pages wrong place.

“Not generated”, yes, but “not built”, I’m afraid the answer is probably no.

The deep linking bit of ionic-app-scripts is responsible for building up the magic table that binds modules with IonicPageModule to their code bundle. If you’re not building with ionic-app-scripts, I don’t think lazy page loading will work.

Very clear, thank you.
I had an idea, that ionic-app-scripts do all this magic :slight_smile: