Generate lazy loaded page with CLI


A feature request : Option to generate lazy loaded page,

Something like this, ionic g page newPage --lazy


It’s not working on my side.
Can you post your ionic info?
What version of app-scripts do you have?
I don’t get that module file created automatically.
What has changed so fast?


That is probably already being worked on, put please create an issue at


He is asking for this to be implemented. If you have any problems yourself, please create a new topic.


So we don’t have this option anymore to create lazy loading boilerplate with ionic cli?
We should do it by hand now? Or some major changes are going on?
How should I keep up with changes on ionic platform?
Is there any place where the changes are listed, for every realease I mean?


check Changelog in github for all repo, for cli here


As a fallback until the lazy loaded option is back in the CLI I wrote the differences down:

The post also explains the current situation a bit more.