Lazy loaded pages that import each other

I have a RegisterPage and a LoginPage, both of which have links to each other in their respective templates. Both of these pages are lazy loaded, with the requisite page.module.ts files. RegisterPageModule imports LoginPageModule, and vice versa. This builds, but I get a runtime error like this:

Error: Unexpected value 'undefined' imported by the module 'RegisterPageModule'

I’ve struggled with this type of error before when I’ve had issues with circular module imports. (which was a crazy pain to track down, but I digress) When I comment out the importing of one of the page modules there is no more runtime error. So what is the correct way of having lazy-loaded pages import each other?

Not doing so at all. All interaction with the navigation system involving lazily-loaded pages is done with string literals, so no importing of anything is needed.

Yup, thanks. Not sure what I was doing there. I need to learn when to put the keyboard down…