Layering plugin UI under angular's HTML


I’m building an app in which I need to capture multiple videos of the user one after the other.
I’d like the video display to be “on” all the time and user actions will then send start/stop commands to the video.

I started by using io.iclue.backgroundvideo and managed to get the video display on as a nice circle in the middle of the page. However, it is created as the top-most layer and I need to be able to display html elements on top of this video (e.g. a button to start/stop the recording).

So… I need a way to add the WebView from the plugin in a layer under the angular/html view or better yet to add it to the HTML DOM so I can layer it with css/z-index etc.

Any suggestions on how this can be done or on another video plugin that will allow this?

Thank you,

Input on this anyone?

@yavgar Were you able to resolve this issue?