Launching Driving Directions

How do I launch the default map app with an address from the ionic app? I am not looking to integrate google maps with my app. I am currently using this:

the view:

    <div class="list card">
        <i class="icon ion-ios7-location"></i>
        <a href="#" ng-click="vm.goToLocation()" >{{vm.event.Address}}</a>

the controller:

    vm.goToLocation = function(){
        window.location = "geo: " + vm.event.Address ;

When I do try it from my android it launches google maps but it does not show the address, the search bar is empty.

I think you need to add in the q parameter.

vm.goToLocation = function(){
    window.location = "geo: ?q=" + vm.event.Address ;

No, I can access the address directly in the controller. I figure it out:

vm.goToLocation = function(){
window.location = “geo:0,0?q=”+ vm.eventAddress() ;

also add this to the config.xml:

< access origin=“geo:*” launch-external=“yes” />

This is for android, I think for iOS is different, but I have no way to test it.

I had the same problem you solution saved me big time , THANKS

Have you guys tried ? I just installed it but I’m having issues getting it working…

Could you share some code to help debug the problem

anyone know of any ng-cordova directions plugin?