Kiosk mode?

hi, is there anyway to run my ionic app in Kiosk mode ? or disable home button ? make app as a launcher ? any tutorial ?

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I’m looking for a solution too.
I found this old answer on stackoverflow Don’t know if it works.

For iOS devices you can just set up kiosk mode in settings.

I checked it also on iPhone 5S. It works :wink:

Hi Firaskudsy,

I have a solution for all your questions. You need to follow a simple way wherein just need to install an app called MobiLock Pro. It is a Kiosk lockdown solution which will lockdown your device into kiosk mode and runs app(s) as per your choice. Locking down device is nothing but restricting smartphone to limited apps, limited functionality and control over the phone.

Some of the main features of a lockdown solution are:

  1. Restrict apps as per your choice
  2. Configure device remotely
  3. Remote device lock and wipe
  4. Kiosk browsing will let whitelist websites you prefer
  5. Restrict access to device settings
  6. Disabled home buttons on Knox activated Android devices