Ionic Kiosk Mode

Is Ionic able to handle hardware buttons (home, back, multitask) and status bar? to set a “kiosk” mode.

Yes, obviously.

Define please.

I need to disable these components except the back button, and make my application the only thing the user can access on the device. The app must always be the first one when the device turn on.

So sure you googled for “Ionic Kiosk” and “Cordova kiosk” already and all the threads and solutions there don’t work?

Cordova Kiosk Mode worked. Thank you.

Please post a link to the plugin you are using now and select your own post as the solution for your question. Thanks.

The plugin: Cordova Kiosk Mode

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Hi Bruno, did you get good results with that plugin? Is it stable and usable?
thank you!