Kindle Fire, Google Play Services, Ionic together?

I have an app that uses Cordova Push Plugin V5 (, to deliver notifications on iOS and Android devices. Works great. I want to do the same on Kindle Fires. Long story short, it doesn’t work, and from the logfiles it seems the reason is there’s no Google Play Services available.

logfile line: "W/PackageManager( 1623): is not installed for user 0" followed by failure to get notification/device tokens.

This makes sense - google play services don’t come by default on Kindle Fire. Question is:

What is best practice for how to use Google Play Services on Kindles (FireOS) with Ionic? Is there a way to do that without requiring the end user to install something besides my app?

Another alternative would simply be to implement a FireOS native alerting but I’d rather not have two alerting infrastructures if I can avoid it…

(PS Ionic V1)