Keyboard opening from side menu click

Hi I am running into a problem where the keyboard is opening when it should not be. I have two problems:

  1. When I click ‘Profile’ from our side menu the keyboard opens automatically on the profile page because there is an input field where the profile button is on the side menu.

  2. The keyboard is opening but not focussing on input fields when clicked very close to the input field.

Here are pictures to help describe my problems (sorry about rough drawings):

So you can see those two black rectangles line up basically (roughly). When clicking in the black rectangle on the side menu it opens the keyboard in the profile page because there is an input field there. I know this is the issue because if you click to the left of the rectangle the keyboard does not open. Is this a known issue and is there a fix for it?

Also my keyboard will open when I click between the Name and Profession inputs but not focus on anything. That is the other issue I am running into. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

still having trouble with this