Input is automaticaly focussed

Hi @all,

I’ve a little problem…

When I click on a sidemenu’s element, and the page has a Form. The keyboard is automatically open and an input is focussed (input of the same height position of the sidemenu element).

If somebody has a solution…


And sorry for my English…

can you please provide a codepen

Please provide a codepen.

I try with codepen but i don’t have the probleme with the browser. Only with mobile (iOS, Android).

Hmm, are you using beta 6 in your real project?
I wasn’t able to reproduce this using beta 14.
I also changed the links in the side-menu to use

<div class="item" ui-sref="app.home" menu-close>Home</div>
<div class="item" ui-sref="app.params" menu-close>Params</div>

Tested on beta 14/ iphone 6

I’m in beta 14.

When i try with the ui-sref attr, the bug is always.

I will change my page to have a menu in the foreground.

Thanks for your help.

And still sorry for my English