Keyboard focusing on my select input on page load

Hey there,

For some odd reason, on my iOS device, when I load a particular view with a <select> input, the view is focusing the input and the keyboard is showing. This does not happen when testing in the browser, only when testing in an iOS simulator or actual device.

I’m curious to know why the view is focusing this <select> input. There are text inputs before this <select> input, so it’s curious why it’s focusing it.


I have a similar issue. For me it does not happen all of the time, just about 50% of the time on opening a page with a form.

When opening a page with a form, the focus goes to an input in the middle of the page with the keyboard open. It seems to be worse on pages with long forms that scroll beyond the window boundary.

Trying to force the focus to the first input makes for an even weirder experience where it scrolls to the top to put the focus in the first input and then scrolls back to the randomly chosen input box.

This only started happening to the app after the latest beta (14) update. I did this on my <ion-view> directive cache-view="false" and it caused it to not focus on the <select> input anymore. So Ionic, how come disabling the new caching functionality fixed this issue?

Dang it, nevermind. That didn’t fix the problem. Now when it transitions over, the page glitches out, and shows the previous view for a second, then finishes the transition and focus’s on the <select> input. Wow I’m confused.

Hey there,

Any chance you could put together a codepen for this?

Hey @mhartington, thanks for the reply. I’ll see what I can do.