Input onfocus is jumping up and down screen


I have an issue with a repeated input box not being visible when on focus, although the latest nightly has fixed and made it functional now - when the input is clicked on/onfocus it’s like the input is being played like a ping pong it bounces up and down. Much like functions are fighting each other and the fix overules them and show the input in focus correctly. Appreciate Ionic’s ongoing support in fixes and the endless additions in nightlies (thumbs up!)

When selecting a field that would be below the keyboard if it were active automatically causes the above problem.

The first instance of selecting an input field that’s in theory below the keyboard then appears below the keyboard.

Second instance I’m selecting an input that’s in view and above the keyboard’s active area.

Finally this shows the issue above, the input juddering along with header - but in the end focuses the input correctly. Albeit functional it’s not very useable and pleasing to the eye.

If I were to select the first input and scroll the corresponding inputs the scrolling to the next field is smooth and seamless.

If the focusing on to the right input would be this seamless and smooth, I and plenty more people(I’m hoping) will be very happy.