Karma with rc0


Hi all,

thanks for the rc0 update, I do struggle a lot though with updating an app.

I got it partially working by moving it to a new rc0 project, still copying of my own styles is missing, i hope this can be done by configuring the copy config for rollup.

Where I see myself lost is using Karma. I get all kind of errors. I use browserify with tsify plugin.
An error I constantly hit after updating is that bundling complains that there are ES2015 import statements in node_modules code like mock_backend.js of angular. Which is a mock to inject to http in order to make http mockable.

Surprisingly enough I don’t find a lot about testing (ain’t nobody got time for that?). Do any of you have karma setup successfully with rc0? Probably it’s not even related specifically to ionic, but maybe others have hit this issues as well.


It’s tough, since they’re no longer using browserify, but rollup instead.

This awesome guy is working on getting unit tests working with RC0. Apparently a POC was made 9 hours ago.