Just trying to find where the correct background-color is set to override


So all I’m trying to do is find where the background-color is apparently set to White that’s overlaying the body/html so I can override it to transparent and set global background stuff higher in the tree like html/body. I see my background flash for a second and then the view loads and it’s all back to white.

I thought it was .pane, .view, but apparently not and nothing is popping out at me in the css to identify the culprit. Could someone lend me their experience and point me in the right direction?


Codepen/Plunkr or didn’t happen :wink:

If you have a list of items, it could be coming from .item-content, but like yurinondual said, a codepen would be helpful to see the structure of your app.

You want me to codepen the default ionic css? It’s a pretty simple structure,


I did find that if I just apply to ion-view directly like ion-view class=“blah” I can just put my bg stuff in there and get the effect I’m going after. Thanks!

Yip that’s how I do it.