v1.0.0-beta.12 ion-nav-view background is a breaking change

Hi guys

Now ion-nav-view has the rule background-color: #000

This not a biiig deal, but one time that I was waiting ion-nav-view to be transparent, this have changed a little bit of my app… I think this kind of change should be in the “breaking changes” section of release notes :slight_smile:

BTW: Thanks for this amazing release, saved me A LOT!

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I ran into this as well: why does beta-12’s ion-nav-view come with default background color (#000)?

It’s easy to work around but it seems gratuitous so I am curious if this is needed for a particular purpose. In my case, a default background-color gets in the way of background images in sibling divs from displaying without messing with the ion-nav-view styles.

Take it out!

Somewhat related.

I have multiple ion-nav-view in a single page that gets populated depending on various child state (up to three section one below the other which may or may not appear depending on if child state is present). The changes in the css of ion-nav-view now makes them all appear overlapping each other on the top. I could just remove the ion-nav-view css definition but am I using it wrong or something (I tried substituting it with ion-view but it just doesn’t work)?