JS console log on logcat

I am having very difficulty to debug application on mobile device. As I knew from chrome console we can debug it but for the webview. I wanted to know what happened when my application stop responding on device.

I have seen in android there is very power full logging system. Is there any logging system provided by ionic so that I can get JS logs on ./adb logcat command?


I never use logcat for debugging on real device.

I use GapDebug which helps me to debug on the live device as we do in the browser. GapDebug opens the console in a friendly manner instead of long boring logs.

You need chrome browser for this. Trust me, I love this easy way of debugging apps in real device.

Thank you very much for knowledge you have been shared with me. But it doesnot support UbuntuOS. Can you provide some thing similar on Ubuntu. Actually problem is I am trying to debug file picker on device as I didnt what is happening that is why and that plugin will not work on browser because it required devic API


Sorry, I never used Ubuntu.

Connect your device to Desktop and use adb logcat | grep -i "console"