iTunes File Sharing

I have an ionic app that I build for the iTunes store via:

ionic package build ios --release --profile prod

However, I now need to enable iTunes file sharing for this app.

Typically, you would edit the .plist file and add an entry for UIFileSharingEnabled set to Yes, but I haven’t found a way to do this via ionic package.

Is there a way to enable UIFileSharing with ionic package?

If so, it would be a Cordova config entry, plugin or hook (although there are only a few support on Package) that would do that.

Thanks for the reply, Sujan12. You pointed me in the right direction.

I found the cordova plugin itunesfilesharing is what I needed.

If anyone stumbles upon this thread and has the same issue, here is the line I added to my config.xml to enable iTunes file sharing:

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-itunesfilesharing" spec="^0.0.1" />

The above entry allowed me to use ionic package build ios to get a suitable .ipa for the iTunes store.

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