Features Airdrop on IOS

Hi, I wanted to know if it existed or if someone had a plugin to be able to use airdrop in its application on IOS. When I speak of Airdrop, I mean the functionality of sending photos from iphone to Iphone.

Did you google for Cordova plugins or Ionic Native plugins supporting this already?

I’ve been searching for a plugin for Airdrop for quite a while, but it doesn’t exist in “ionic native”, but the plugin seems to exist for react-native: https://www.npmjs.com/ package / react-native-single-share.
Nevertheless I found a plugin start: https://github.com/EddyVerbruggen/SocialSharing-PhoneGap-Plugin.
But it seems that the Airdrop function is not super well managed …
So no airdrop plugin are available on Ionic ?

This URL doesn’t work, even when I remove the spaces.

None that I know of. But if there is a Cordova plugin, it is very easy to use those too.

Only one mention of “AirDrop” - in the README :confused:

I can confirm this plugin indeed supports AirDrop. I am currently using it and I can airdrop files from my app to any other iOS/OSX air drop compatible device.

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Awesome. Anything to implement?

Nope, its really as simple as:

// shares latest trip
  share() {
    let f = this.db.logFileLocation();
    let options = {
      subject: 'TripData trip logs',
      message: 'Trip logs attached',
      files: [f],
      chooserTitle: 'Share via...'

    this.socialSharing.shareWithOptions(options).then(() => {

    }).catch(() => {
      this.utils.presentToast('Error sharing', 'error');

And boom - it presents an action sheet will the sharing options you’ll ever want :smiley:


Thanks you so much @pliablepixels for your help :slight_smile: !
@Sujan12 Maybe it would be a good idea to tell the ionic team to add the Airdrop features in the ionic native category :wink:
It will be simple to find :slight_smile:
Thanks you all !

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Yeah, good idea. You can do that here: https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic-native/issues/new