ItemSliding - change content of list element after sliding


Is it possible to change the whole content of an item element, after sliding it on left or right. I guess it have to be handled with (ionDrag). I could manipulate the item element, but in my case, I have to show different content (just one big text field) after sliding, like shown on the screenshot. Is this possible to realise?


Thanks in advance.

Heyho everyone,

My aim is it to change the item content after sliding. I tried it out in this way, but that works not proper. I have logged the percentage, although the percentage is already -1 or not -1 the ngIf statement gets ignored.

>   <ion-item-sliding (ionDrag)="dragEvent($event)">
>         <ion-item>
>         <ng-container *ngIf="showIt == true">  
>        <h1>Ionic 2</h1> 
>        <p>Thats an older Ionic Version</p>
>       </ng-container>
>       <ng-container *ngIf="showIt == false">  
>           <h1>Ionic 4</h1> 
>           <p>That's the latest Ionic Version.</p>
>          </ng-container>
>   </ion-item>
>       <ion-item-options side="left">
>          <button ion-button color="secondary">
>          <ion-icon name="md-checkmark"></ion-icon>       
>         </button>
>       </ion-item-options>
>     </ion-item-sliding>


showIt = true;

   dragEvent(item) {
    let percent = item.getSlidingPercent();
    if (percent == -1) {
    this.showIt = false;

    } else {
      this.showIt = true;