Item-sliding problem in Ionic2

Hi guys, does anyone know how to solve this problem in the attached video? The sliding button doesn’t disappear directly after sliding back and it overlaps the text of the ion-item. Your help would be appreciated

here is my code :

  <ion-item no-lines text-wrap>
     <ion-icon name="brush" item-left> </ion-icon>
     <h2>Skills dhuhd dhhd kshdn jjdgd kskhd dkhsgd sndgs jshds jdhhsnnd shgdgs jdhd hdgsg  </h2> 
      <button ion-button (click)="archive(item)">
<ion-icon name="archive"></ion-icon>

Thank you

Does anyone have any idea?? It looks weird

I’m guessing that you are using css to create a transparent item?
The options button will only show when you start to slide.
So what you are seeing is expected.

Thanks for your reply @mhartington , yes im making the item transparent
But my question is about the delay and overlapping. is it normal to have this 1 sec of delay after swiping back?
Also the text is overlaping the button… which doesn’t really look normal