Item-select dont work well in mobile chrome/firefox on android


I just used the code like the sample in the documentation (ofc i use it inside a list).

 <label class="item item-input item-select">
    <div class="input-label" >
      <b>Heti ismétlődés</b>
      <option selected>Üres</option>
      <option>Minden nap</option>

On desktop works well.
I only can test it on my phone, and it really bad.
There is like 2% chance i can click to the select menu to change the item, it seems like the “hitbox” is extremly small for some reason. If i click on the selected text “Üres” dont work at all, sometimes work but only if i click on that little triangle on the right.

On phone (android 5.1) default browser works well, on the latest chrome and firefox not (even not in desktop mode).

How can i fix this? : /
Thank you!