Issues with iOS9 upgrade: long press gives overlay in header + hanging application


After upgrading an iPhone and an iPad Air to iOS9 and applying the fix as suggested in I still have some issues:

-See screenshot: When I tap and hold my finger on the screen, I get the following popping up in my header bar:
This doesn’t happen on iOS 8 (seems also not to happen on the default sidemenu ionic app on iOS9)

-I still get sometimes a black flickering with page transitions. (it’s better than without the fix)

-Yesterday I had three complete hangs of the application where I couldn’t tap anything anymore. Even after focus/unfocus application taps didn’t work anymore. (Un?)fortunately I cannot reproduce the issue anymore. Have other people experienced similar issues?

Thanks for the help!


Can confirm this happens for me too.


Thanks for confirming fox. Do you have all three issues or only the ‘hangs’?


Not had any hangs as yet. We are running a tabs based app and there may be a specific reason why you get them

Transition issues remain but we haven’t tried the latest patch.

The main item is the ‘selector’ popup that appears. This is in iOS9 not 9.1 (unchecked here)

Have you applied the other patch to your .plist file for https / remote domains etc? It may be that the hangs are somehow related to a resource not getting loaded or a timeout on a remote / https call?


Hi Fox,
I did apply the https fix in the plist file, but I submitted to app to App Store and pushed the app on my phone using XCode 6 instead of 7. Hope this doesn’t create problems. I had issues pushing the app to the App Store with Xcode 7 beta.

I have the selector popup on iOS 9.1. (never tried iOS 9)


Eddy Verbruggen created a cordova plugin to prevent a longpress showing a magnifying glass in iOS9 webview:


thanks @tomkuipers! Will try it out.
Never had the crashes anymore since this post.


But somewhere like form page where inside input tag , if suppose I want to edit then there is need of longpress to move cursor using popup with magnify glass . So in this case what could be best thing to do?