Ionic and iOS 9

Hello guys.

I updated my iPhone to iOS 9 and I’m having a lot of troubles with Ionic.

First SSL erros that was solved following this post:

After that, I had this:

“TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘window.cordova.plugins.Keyboard’)”

Commenting the line using cordova plugin keyboard gives me another error:

“ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: device”

Again, commenting my device.platform line, my InAppBrowser plugin is not working, which is used for Facebook login.

Anyone else having troubles with iOS 9?!

Hi! I am found multiples errors on navigation and performance.

Please Help!

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Maybe this can help:

I removed all my platforms and added again, this solved almost all the problems!

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“almost all the problems!”

Since I updated to iOS9, I am very frustrated with my ionic app. Even after fixing it with the patch and etc…, it is still very buggy, act very weird and it’s very slow.

This makes me question Ionic.


it is not ionic problem. it is ios 9 problem. every time new version of ios comes out, it breaks something or the other. even native applications break.

don’t blame ionic. blame apple. ionic core devs have done a tremendous job providing such good framework for free.


I think so, sometimes even their apps.

check this

I have an issue I have never seen before… navigating through my app (using ion-nav-view) is completely broken! Views appear and disappear, come and go, it looks like the CSS transitions are fucked on ios9. Has anyone seen this?

Yes, you need to apply the patch to fix

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Thanks mate! I’ve missed that post… thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

That patch fixed the issue for me too. But worrying that such a change could render the transitions useless…

Hi guys ! I’ve done everything said about this issue on the forum and still the app doesn’t work. It got stuck with a white screen after the spashscreen disappear. I really don’t know what to do anymore. Is anyone willing to help, please !?

Did you apply the patch mentioned in and include ‘ngIOS9UIWebViewPatch’ in your app.js dependencies?
What do your logs say? Xcode debug output or in Safari -> developer when running in simulator.

Am having the same problem the navigation got so laggy did you figure out any solution ! Thank you

I dont have problems anymore. Just applied the patch and everything went back to normal. And no lag (or at least it’s not worse)

I also applied the patch but get back to previous view using the back button is really slow it takes couple of seconds

Did you disable ionic cache?

for some views that not getting data from server, setting view for example.

Hmm… Okay, those view that are cached, are they slow too?

yes, they are cached… have you remove and re added the platform after the patch !!