Issues with Ionic Push


I am currently using Ionic Push to send notifications to my devices.

It is working…kind of. It works on my iPhone 6 with 8.4 and my android, however when i went to deploy to two other iPhones the Ionic service registers the users but doesnt get the device id.

From what i can see, they are the same set ups. Both are the same version, both have the options set to allow messages.

This is the guide i followed:
Everything worked except the last part.

this is the event that is not being called on the secondary devices…

    // Handles incoming device tokens
    $rootScope.$on('$cordovaPush:tokenReceived', function(event, data) {
      alert("Successfully registered token " + data.token);
      console.log('Ionic Push: Got token ', data.token, data.platform);
      $scope.token = data.token;