Issues with build having multiple targets in Ionic-capacitor app

I have an ionic-capacitor app with share extension. When I am building app on xcode, all goes well, I have used same certificates in App-flow for building, but app fails because app flow is not adding certificates for targets other than App. I am getting following error message. It has been around a month that I have contacted support and they don’t have a valid answer. Below is outcome from ````

Set Team id to: XN8672XX2T for target: ShareExtension
[11:02:20]: Set Code Sign identity to: Apple Development: Demo (1234J399QG) for target: ShareExtension
[11:02:20]: Set Team id to: XN86XXXT for target: App
[11:02:20]: Set Code Sign identity to: Apple Development: Demo (1234J399QG) for target: App
[11:02:20]: Successfully updated project settings to use Code Sign Style = 'Manual'
[11:02:20]: Modified Targets:
[11:02:20]: 	 * ShareExtension
[11:02:20]: 	 * App
[11:02:20]: ------------------------------------------
[11:02:20]: --- Step: update_provisioning_profiles ---
[11:02:20]: ------------------------------------------
[11:02:28]: You’re updating provisioning profiles directly in your project, but have you considered easier ways to do code signing?
[11:02:28]: Downloading root certificate from ( to path '/tmp/AppleIncRootCertificate.cer'
/usr/local/Cellar/fastlane/2.166.0/libexec/gems/fastlane-2.166.0/fastlane/lib/fastlane/actions/update_project_provisioning.rb:26: warning: calling via Kernel#open is deprecated, call directly or use URI#open
[11:02:28]: Parsing mobile provisioning profile from '/Users/ionic/builds/demo/demo_mobileapp/a367cc7d-939a-4fe9-9646-3f9a022401d4.mobileprovision'
[11:02:28]: Going to update project '/Users/ionic/builds/demo/deom_mobileapp/ios/App/App.xcodeproj' with UUID
[11:02:28]: Updating target App...
[11:02:28]: Updating configuration Debug...
[11:02:28]: Updating configuration Release...
**[11:02:28]: Skipping target ShareExtension as it doesn't match the filter 'App'**
[11:02:28]: Successfully updated project settings in '/Users/ionic/builds/carstenschaefer/lisa_mobileapp/ios/App/App.xcodeproj'

And due to this skipping of extra target, I am getting this error.

[11:02:49]: ▸ ❌  error: "ShareExtension" requires a provisioning profile with the App Groups feature. Select a provisioning profile in the Signing & Capabilities editor. (in target 'ShareExtension' from project 'App')

I have doing re-search since last 1.5 month, I have setup app flow in my custom ubuntu instance and it works well there but not in Ionic-app-flow environment.

Any suggestions, help to handle this issue?