Issues in ionic(Windows platform) app for accessibility


While implementing the accessibility standard in our windows ionic app(device used- Surface pro) I found out following issues

  1. Function is triggered twice on ng-click event when NVDA/JAWS is on
  2. Reading <a> twice on swipe action: To make NVDA/JAWS screen-reader read the <a> tag aria-label attribute was added, now the anchor tag is getting read twice and on double tap on touch screen will trigger the ng-click.
  3. Tapping on blank area of app will read “Page title pane”
    If tapped on any blank area of the app screen reader reads “<<Page title>> pane”. It should read nothing
  4. On left to right swipe focus goes to parent div as well
  5. (All Screen-readers)First time tap will read the element but if you tap Second time it will not read


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Is this a bug report on Ionic Framework?
Can you provide a bit of context on “NVDA/JAWS”? What is this?


Yes this bug is related to ionic Framework, We are developing app which should be 508 compliant. So when we turn on the screen reader(in case of Android- TalkBack iOS-Voiceover and for windows-windows screen reader or JAWS).
In windows you can download different screen readers like JAWS or NVDA.



Please post this at which is the location where the Ionic team will actually see it.