Ionic & accessibility

How about accessibility? (especially for the blind)

Angularjs has a ngAria module, but how about ionic? Is already installed? I need to load it directly?



did you manage to find anything for this? im thinking of doing an accessiblity feature on my app


I havent’ tried for now… no time to test…

Do you have news? we are developing an ionic app and it needs to be a11y, any suggestion?

I haven’t tried yet… but if I find any a slice of time, I’ll do some tests and report here…

I’ve done some tests with android (4.4 with latest version of talkback). The screen is read correctly but ng-click isn’t fired, I’ve tried some configurations but without success. Maybe there is a trick?

Still testing…

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After small tests and a lot of reading (also in this forum), seems that adding ngAria and using this for the body tag:

<body role="application" data-tap-disabled="true">

all works well…

I need a little more testing, then I’ll prepare a document to explain all…


fabioferrero - Thanks! Your solution (adding ngAria and using the body attributes you mention) solved part of my ionic accessibility issue with android. Thanks!

Did you end up creating a document to explain all? If yes, please let us know where we could view it.

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Not really a document, but I’ve created a demo: