Issue with views navigation from within IFRAME

I am trying to navigate from view say #/tab/account to #/tab/account/details on click of a button placed in iframe control which is placed on account view.

Now on click of this button i want my app to navigate from current-> #/tab/account to new location->#/tab/account/details

I am trying same with below code:-

<td><a class=" icon-right " href="../#/tab/account/feedback" target="_top"><img style="height: 75px;" class="appImg" src ="../images/feedback.PNG"></a></td>

But it works sometimes and doesnt work sometimes.


Instead of href, I prefer use the ui-sref and put the state name in the value. But if you want to use href, you don’t have to put …/#/tab/account/feedback but just #/tab/account/feedback

…/ actually opens proper page in browser, but without that, it actually appends it to iFrame url and opens in new page, which i want to avoid.
But in IOS build none of it works.

I’ll give a shot to ui-sref