Urgent! Please help me to resolve problem with navigation on iOS


Hello everyone, please help me to resolve this issue.

I have an app in which I have placed a settings button on navigation bar.
I am redirecting to other html page on it’s click. It is working fine on Android but when I am trying on iOS it blinks (flashes) and showing same page.
I need an urgent solution because my client needs this app ready by tomorrow. Please help me.

I am using : window.location.href=“settings.html”;
Also tried href="settings.html"
Everything is works on Android but not in iOS 9 (have not check on ios 7 and 8)

Please help, URGENT!!!



you need to use ui router for that… not just the typical name of the html file… ex" href="#/login" please see the angular route in docs…


Try to look into ui-sref=“yourState” too


I’ve done this by having a function in the controller that goes:

$ionicHistory.nextViewOptions({historyRoot: true});


Thanks everyone for your help.

I have done it using other way.


how did you solve it?


href=“yourState” is very help full