Issue with iOS cloud building because of SpeechRecognition plugin

I try to build my app which is use SpeechRecognition plugin under iOS in Ionic cloud and get this error

"In file included from /Users/package/workspace/apps-25c2fea9-82/cordova/platforms/ios/CargoMessenger/Plugins/cordova-plugin-speechrecognition/SpeechRecognition.m:5:
/Users/package/workspace/apps-25c2fea9-82/cordova/platforms/ios/CargoMessenger/Plugins/cordova-plugin-speechrecognition/SpeechRecognition.h:2:9: fatal error: ‘Speech/Speech.h’ file not found
** import Speech/Speech.h**
** ^**
1 error generated.


under Android everything work good.

This plugin introduced in ionic 2 documentation, so I want to understand something wrong with plugin itself or something wrong with build process

This sounds like a standard problem when the plugin installation didn’t really work. Remove the plugin and the ios platform, add both back to see if it fixes the problem.

I did “ionic state reset” which remove all plugins and platforms and install again, but it doesn’t help

Can you start a new Ionic project with a blank project and document all steps you are going through until you get this error? Quite often this resolves the problem, if not we have a record of what you did and can try to replicate.