SpeechRecognition plugin is not installed Is it unstable?

Native: tried calling SpeechRecognition.startListening, but the SpeechRecognition plugin is not installed.

Debugging the app on the console says that the plugin is not installed, but it is installed, sometimes it works sometimes does not work, Is it unstable?

I’m using other plugins like geo-location, google maps and the camera, can they present conflict?

i’m used Ionic3

I have exactly the same problem. I tried to reinstall it, then reinstall all the pluggins, then reinstall android and all the plugins, nothing to do, I always have this error that comes up.
If anyone to an idea to propose …

Maybe you need to wrap it inside platform.ready().
Never used it, but I have some problems with “plugin is not installed” when I call it before the platform was ready.

Try something like this:

this.platform.ready().then(() => {
     //here your speech recognition code

Thank you very much Tokuhara for your answer, it seems to work for me! You are my hero of the day ! :smiley:

Glad it worked! Congrats!

a mi lo que me pasaba era que no tenia instalado cordova global, utilizando el comando npm i cordova -g me solucionó el problema