Issue with 1.2.x+ (incl. 1.3.0) on Android 4.4

I’m seeing to issues with my application when I moved from 1.1.1 to 1.2.4, and lately to 1.3.0. 1.1.1 is working fine, which is one I stayed with it until now.
Note that this issue is only when the app is running is a web view on android 4.4, or the 4.4 built-in browser. When I run it from a desktop recent web browser (FF, Chrome), the issue does not show. The first screen shot bellow is what I get on Android, the second is from FF on Windows, from the exact same app running 1.3.0.
1- pull to refresh
The panel has 2 content panes, one being a list (left) and the second being the detail (right). When we pull down the list then on Android the left list seems to fill whole view.
When I pull to refresh, then the whole panel
<ion-view view-title="Documents"> <ion-nav-buttons side="right"></ion-nav-buttons> <div class="row" ng-if="isDualPane()"> <ion-content class="col col-offset-33 col-67"> <ng-include src="'templates/itemdetail.html'"></ng-include> </ion-content> <ion-content class="list-content col col-33"> <ion-refresher pulling-text="Pull to refresh..." on-refresh="entries.reload()"></ion-refresher> <ng-include src="'templates/itemlist.html'"></ng-include> </ion-content> </div> </ion-view>
2- scrollbar
The menu on the very left side shows a scrollbar. How can I make it disappear?

Here are the screen shots. If needed, I should be able to deploy the app somewhere if someone wants to experiment with it.