Drag-To-Refresh on Android

First of all - your framework really looks great. We are currently on angular + jqm and your (software) design looks so much more promising.

Anyway while fiddling around with the content directive and the refresher (with a list inside) I noticed that it doesn’t work on Android 4.3 (Galaxy S3, Cordova 3.3.0), while everything works fine on Chrome and iOS.

Is this an intended behaviour or am I doing sth. wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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Hey Stefan! Thanks for the kind words. :smile:

Ionic currently only supports Android 4.1 and up, and we are actively working to improve performance for everything past that. Basically, our philosophy for Ionic is very future-focused- we want the framework to fully take advantage of what HTML5 technologies can offer while still performing great. Unfortunately, older versions of Android don’t handle all of this as well.

That being said, you’re more than welcome to work to improve the support for older versions! You can read more about support here: http://ionicframework.com/docs/#browser-support


Hi Ben,

thanks for the quick answer. My problem occurs on Android 4.3, which generally should be supported. That’s why I thought, it could be intended behaviour.
I’ll definitely try to support the project, if we’re building our inhouse app on top of it.

Hi - like Stefan, I too am seeing this issue of refresher not working with Android 4.1 and Cordova 3.3 on a Samsung device. I can see this working in the browser (in Ripple), but I can’t get it to work on the device.

My code looks like this for your reference, any help would be appreciated:

<pane side-menu-content>
    <div class="bar bar-header bar-energized">
        <h1 class="title">Test</h1>
    <content has-header="true"
            Pull to refresh...
        <div ng-repeat="i in info">{{i}}</div>
    <div class="bar bar-footer bar-balanced">
        <div class="title">Footer</div>

<!-- Left menu -->
<side-menu side="left">
    <ul class="list">
        <li class="item">Rate me</li>
        <li class="item">Settings</li>
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Hi @appa, thanks for sharing. I think it might be worth making an issue for this on the repo so @max or @adam can take a look-see. Thanks!

hey guys, I just had a nice chat with one of your guys on twitter. You guys are super helpful btw!
I can’t get the drag to refresh to work on Android. I am running cyangen mod android version 4.3.1.
My content div looks like:

 <!--Define where the content will be shown -->
        <content has-header="true" ng-controller="contentController" on-refresh="onRefresh()" has-bouncing="true">
            <div ng-include=" 'templates/discovery.html' "></div>
            <!-- for pull to refresh-->

The templates/discovery.html simply has a list that I iterate over using the ng-repeat directive. Any ideas?

Any help is really appreciated :smiley:

It looks like this was just fixed in master Issue #461

awesome! thanks guys… i guess putting has-bouncing=“true” was not enough.

Thanks for your sharing. Thanks to that, I can also refresh my Android mod games at the same time.