Issue, while minimizing and restoring, the app is reloaded like it's the first time

Hello everyone,

I have a problem in my app, whenever the app is minimized for example to use a different app or simply go back to the desktop, something undesirable happens in return, my app returns as if it was opened for the first time.
Would anyone know how to circumvent this obstacle?

It depends upon how you are going our of the application in android device. If you are pressing direct home button from the device then the state of an application will be remain as it was and if you are going out by clicking back button from android device, then there is one work around for the same.

For back button, you can ask for the confirmation to user, whether he/she wants to exist the application or what?

For example: I am using the app normally using navedando for several pages, suddenly I need to go back to the desktop to open another app, so far so good, however when I decide to return to my app it shows the splash screem again and reloads everything the app and lose everything you were doing previously. That is as if the app had been closed and opened.

the question was, HOW did you get back to the desktop?
press the BACK button til u got to desktop (the app will be ended)
press the home button to get back to the desktop (the app should still be running and resumable).

this is how it behaves for my app…

press home and reselect my app and its right were I left it

I pressed the button to go straight back to the desktop.
If you are filling out a form and go straight back to the workspace all the fill-in is lost because the app is fully reloaded