Back button makes app to re-render on next run

Hi, Its my first time creating an app with Ionic. Loving it so far.

I have 1 big issue though. And that’s when I’m working/testing my app and I press the Back button (on my phone), and for example lets say I switch Facebook app or go to my launcher’s homescreen. When I go back to my app, it renders the whole thing from scratch and it goes to it’s first state. You know what I mean? Although this doesn’t happen when I press the Home button. it seems pressing the Home button keeps the app state and it goes to background just fine. But pressing the Back button is like I’m force closing the app.

Also, even while using the Home button to switch the app, it seems the app doesn’t stay much long in the memory and when I go back after some time, it re-renders again.

By the way, I am not using any ionic content directives like the pane, contents, tabs, or anything like that. For now I’m just using plain Div tags and Javascript.