Issue of showing content in "tabs using css"

Hi, I am building app which uses side menu with tabs. As i don’t want separate navigation history for tabs i am using css property to implement tabs.
The problem i am facing is when i add content to page it goes behind tabs. Means content starts from below navigation bar and not from below tabs. Below is the code.

<ion-view view-title="Test View">
  <div class="tabs-striped tabs-top tabs-background-positive tabs-color-light">
    <div class="tabs">
      <a class="tab-item active">Tab1</a>
      <a class="tab-item">Tab2</a>
    First line.<br>
    Second line.<br>
    Third line.<br>
    Fourth line.<br>
    Fifth line.<br>
    Sixth line.<br>

I am using SCSS and done following modifications

$tab-item-max-width: 100% !default;

Ionic library version is 1.0.0-rc.3.
Sorry to post code like this, i don’t have codepen account.
Can anyone suggest the solution?