Issue in list after reordering


Hi all. I’ve found an issue with lists and I don’t know how to solve it. You can test it with the example in Ionic documentation. In, if you use reorder to change some items order, and then you try to delete any item, you’ll se that in the list, some items disappear.

In model, it works, but the view doesn’t show the model in the right way.

Also, I have notice that in Android, some items can’t be dragged for reording them. It fails randomly.

Any solution? It’s an issue in the framework?


Ionic List : Delete fails if list order is changed
Ionic List : Delete fails if list order is changed

Fixed this. We weren’t calling $scope.$apply() after we moved an item.


And now its fixed in master.


Still not fixed. Change sequence of multiple list items randaomly and then try to delete few items.
Suddenly many items get removed from list or delete button just stops working.


Looking into this…


Got a the same issue. My collection is unsync after several move…
$fromIndex and $scope.items.indexOf(item) no more match.


I have the same issue. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what is wrong, finally I gave up and opened an issue on github:
@mhartington you have an error in your code pen. Change on-reoder to on-reorder and you will see the error happening after a few moves. And also $digest errors in console.

Did somebody find a workaround?