Bug: In ion-reorder-button and position on list

Hi all. I have a same problem with ion-list and reordering.

I created a ion list with sortable (reordering) feature.

It the html code:

       <ion-list ng-hide="fullMap" show-reorder="data.showReorder">

            <ion-item ng-repeat="place in places" item="item">

                    <ion-reorder-button class="ion-navicon"
                                        on-reorder="moveItem(item, $fromIndex, $toIndex)">

                    <div class="route-number-icon left">
                        {{ $index+1 }}


It’s reordering function in my controller:

$scope.moveItem = function(item, fromIndex, toIndex) {
var exercise = $scope.places[fromIndex];
$scope.places.splice(fromIndex, 1);
$scope.places.splice(toIndex, 0, exercise);

it’s work fine for android, but in iOS after change order of items (with ionic reordering button) in list displayed equals numbers of position in list.

  1. Before reordering:

  2. After reordering: