Issue after upgrade to ionic 3.20 data not shown

hi every one
the last week, I make the upgrade fo all my packages , ionic 3.9.2 => 3.20 and cordova@last,plugins, npm to last

the app was working fine before upgrade serve and build
after upgrade : serve work fine (im using API json to fetch data )
the app build successfully but data doesn’t display on device :neutral_face:

more information down :


plugins installed:


Im confused to solve this ,trying many solution with no result :confused:
someone explain what’s going on

you have already remove and added the dependencies or platforms and plugins with the same version, I had the same problem and it was solved in that way, you can try
npm install

i have remove it and install every thing from scratch
do you mean the plugins still in old version ?
i need to install the last plugins o what ? can you explain more please?

Sometimes when you do the update not all things are installed on the platforms or do not work correctly, it is necessary to reinstall them so that they function or are configured in the construction of your project.

you have already tested ionic cordova platform rm (platform name)
you have already tested ionic cordova platform add (platform name)

in the google chrome inspector that throws you?

try this for debug android on chrome

Please be more specific about what “data doesn’t display” means (with sample code, if possible). And post text as text, not images.

yes debug good idea, but using native ionic to serving in real device help me to trace the Error
tnx anyway

@rapropos @lobaton
sloved :grinning:
the code was clean but the problem come from the host ,especially CORS Im usually use it inside every single api page request before the upgrade
now im change the CORS Headers place To .htaccess file and work fine :smiley: