Is there anyway to have collapsable title on android too?

Is there any way to display the large collapsable header on android like it’s displayed on ios? When I test with emulated iPhone, there’s a nice large header that rolls into a persistent header as you scroll down. This is not the case when I do any android emulation. I tried setting mode=“ios” on the header, but that doesn’t solve the issue.

      <IonContent fullscreen className="ion-padding">
        <IonHeader collapse="condense" mode="ios">
            <IonTitle size="large">
                <IonImg class="title-icon" src="/assets/icon/leaf.svg" />

At the moment, no, the header/large title are not configured to support this. The Large title/collapsible header are hard coded to only work for iOS.

Ok. Thank you for letting me know!