Bug? Large Titles IOS

Hey folks,

I’m having an issue with IOS large titles - see attached screenshot …it’s not fully shown for some reason.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-03 um 23.45.54

This is the code form the specific page:

<ion-header translucent="true">
    <ion-buttons slot="start">
    <ion-title>{{ folder }}</ion-title>

<ion-content fullscreen="true">
  <ion-header collapse="condense">
      <ion-title size="large">{{ folder }}</ion-title>

  <div id="container">

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,

No solution available? Urgently needed.

@rapropos: Do you might have a suggestion?

Remove the ion-toolbar from searchbar and see if it works.
If not, add some margin between the two toolbars.

I will try this. Thanks @Hech96

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