Is there any way to know user successfully shared the app in IONIC2?

I have written some code to share the app through different apps but the problem is even if I don’t finish the sharing successfully then also .then() method is triggered and getting result Ok as value…

    this.socialSharing.shareViaFacebook("sdfsdfsdfdf", null, null).then((msg)=>{

when I call this method even If i did n’t finish sharing successfully I mean if I press back button in facebook then also it’s executing then method.

How can I know that user posted successfully?Is there any way to do it?

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what is console.log(msg) showing?


It’s showing Ok as response Even if I press back button.

it’s printing Ok…

and there’s no body?


It’s not getting any other properties it’s only showing Ok as output when I console.log…

at this point i have no clue how to change this behaviour, maybe try stackoverflow

Thanks…I will try there also.I already tried couldn’t find anything related to it.I will see if I can find something.