Is there a way to embed a picker on a page?

I’m trying to take the elements inside this picker:


and rather than have them slide up from the bottom of the screen, embed them inline with the rest of the components inside ion-content. Similar to this:

Is there a straightforward way of accomplishing that?

At the moment, no, this isn’t possible.

Though I would also like to see this happen as well :grin:


i need this too :sweat: any updates ?

Hi there,

I made something like that with ion-slider few days ago, it works great on Android device, but there are still some problem when running on iOS device, you might want to take a look, here is the demo video

*Time picker running on samsung j7 demo

Here is the github

You can also use it as a simple inline picker like this

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Way to embed picker on a page
Any update on this ?

is there any update on this topic?