A simple picker-view component using ion-scroll

hi, ionic devs:

I’m needing a component like a ios UIPickerView.

There has some cordova plugin on github.

but, problem is android, i want to android has same feature for this.

like this github repository of Chinaman, but this is java project

Finally, I using the ion-scroll to create a my custom ionic-picker-view.

codePen demo

It can add any string or number array, then pick it.

But it incomplete, I can’t solve each scroll position.

After picking, the position of each items has difference

How do I accurately calculated for each scroll, each item of scroll spacing?

I solved my problem, and modified this code pen.

but it only working fine on a portrait view, i will continue to testing,

if some one need, i will share it on github.

Hey ! I hope you’re fine and you’re still around.

I tried implementing your codepen code on my ionic to make my custom date time picker but after releasing the APK to test it , it wasn’t working. the date picker doesn’t open when i click the picker bar. Any idea why ? did you have a similar problem ?

Thank you.