Is that possible to change iOS capacitor scheme from capacitor:// to http:// or https://?

According to article below, looks like http scheme is occupied by WebView.
But still wondering is it possible to change to scheme to either http or https?

Capacitor Configuration, The Capacitor configuration file is used to set high-level options for Capacitor tooling.

* Configure the local scheme on iOS.
* Can’t be set to schemes that the WKWebView already handles, such as http or https
* This can be useful when migrating from
* cordova-plugin-ionic-webview,
* where the default scheme on iOS is ionic.
* @since 1.2.0
* @default capacitor
iosScheme?: string;

Nope :frowning: . http:// and https:// are reserved schemes in iOS, hence why we use capacitor:// on iOS and https:// on Android.