How to change the iosScheme to https?

I am building an app using Ionic and recently I am facing this issue.

I use an iframe that needs to be requested with https, but my problem is that the requests are being done this way: capacitor:// instead of .

I have read some documentation and I have found this: Capacitor - build cross platform apps with the web

In Android I have solved this issue changing the androidScheme to https, but I have the same problem in iOS and in the doc it is said:

Can’t be set to schemes that the WKWebView already handles, such as http or https

But the truth is that request is still being done with capacitor instead of https.

Do you know what I have to modify to tell the app that use https ?

The scheme cannot be changed to http or https on iOS. This is a limitation set by Apple.

You could try to use @capacitor/browser to open up an SFSafariViewController, which opens a web browser within Capacitor using Safari without exiting your application.