Is popover component available in ionic 2 beta.53?

I see components like Alert, Modal but not able to find popover.

I am looking for a popover very similar to what we have in ionic 1.x


Do you mean popup? That was removed in alpha47.

See the changelog of how you handle it now (using Alert)

Is current version beta 17?

Current version of Ionic 2 is alpha54

Ionic has 2 npm packages, one is the CLI that let’s you do things like ionic serve android and such, the CLI is in beta.17.
Also there’s the ionic-framework package, this one contains the code of ionic, the components, annotations and such, this is the one you’re interested, this one is currently in alpha.54.

I did not mean popup. I am looking to achieve the functionality of example in Ionic1.x) in Ionic 2.

it has a “…”(more button) at the top right hand corner, which when clicked shows the sub menu.

Not yet implemented, is in the milestones.

Anyone found a work around way to simulate until it is added to some future release? Maybe a button with some window?

You could search for a library that manages this for web and just inject it in the project, yes it is a solution with a third party library but at least is better than writing this kind of functionality on your own.

Thanks luchillo. I am coming from .NET so not sure which libraries are the preferred ones or not. Do you have a recommendation?

With a little search the first one that google shows is:

I would not recommend using third party library like bootstrap with ionic. It is more of a patching than a solution.

@mhartington - Is popover component planned to be released anytime in future?

I wouldn’t recommend it either, but if there’s not a native solution then third-party library time it is.

Yes, a popover component is on our roadmap