IonicPopover is it gone for good?

Hi I am trying to create a view like this

With a popover coming out of the nav bar, is this possible/will this be possible in ionic 2.

In ionic 1 I merely used IonicPopover, something I am unable to find reference to in Ionic 2.


What about modal with padding?

A modal, slides up from the bottom of the screen and fills the screen. I don’t really want either of those things. I just need a view that I can populate with ion-items like an iOS popover.

According to the Ionic 2 roadmap the Popover is currently scheduled to be added in beta 7.

Ionic 2 Roadmap

Ionic 2 is a work in progress, I’d strongly suggest you read the roadmap to see what will be added before investing the effort in duplicating features that will be integral parts of Ionic itself once it leaves beta.

Ah! Thank you, I’ll wait until thats done then. :slight_smile: