Is it worth it migrating from v1 to v2 at this current moment?

So I have a complex social media app that I’ve build using v1. I had to go through a lot of fixing etc to get it in par with other similar social media apps out there.

Thing is I’ve spent some time trying to migrate to v2 although am finding quite a few stressing issues like existing bugs in v2 that need a few work arounds.

My question is, is it worth it migrating to v2 at this time?

The v1 app runs fine and haven’t had any massive issues with it, my initial thought of migrating was that using v2 I’d be enabling the future and of course it would have been way easier to preserve an app that is build with v2 in the future. After spending quite some time trying to migrate and finding a few quirks and issues I thought, maybe I shouldn’t migrate to v2 and keep it going with v1 until v2 matures.


You’re already answering your own question there. :wink:

In general, I don’t think there’s a one size fits all answer, each project has its own requirements.

There is no “migration” from v1 to v2. You need to rewrite from scratch.
So, this could be splitted into 2 separate developments: the v1, with bug fixes and some enhancements, and another, with the version 2.

Yes I understand that, although is it worth it in the short term? Picking up ionic2 at this stage of development?

I bit the bullet in December and decided to rewrite my app in ionic/angular 2 before releasing.

I’ve found ionic/angular 2 so much easier to work with than ionic/angular 1. I managed to rebuild my app in about a month.

I also had to upgrade to firebase 3, so it just made sense to do it before release.

The performance is also a hell of a lot better.

As @chrisbenseler said, it’s more of a rewrite than a migration effort. The two questions that really helped us migrate were:

  • Fast forward 2 or 3 years. Looking back, what % of project investment would have happened before today and what % still needs to happen? If you’re less than 50% through the investment, then switching to Ionic 2 might make sense. If you’re almost done and just doing maintenance, I’d probably stay in Ionic 1.

  • Are there any compelling features / benefits of Ionic 2 that you can’t achieve with Ionic 1? (For us, it was a clear yes with typescript, object oriented development, cleaner UI design, faster performance, and PWA potential.)

More background on what we learned at Ionic 1 -> 2 Migration Strategy (ngUpgrade, Angular 1.5, etc).